Fun Fair – postponed!

Thank you for volunteering to make Fun Fair a success!

Below are the staffing needs for the Fun Fair on 3/29. Volunteer slots run one hour but please consider signing up for a class game booth slot and one other area (or more!). Some volunteer positions are intended for adults only. Others can be filled by middle or high school students and elementary aged kids (and younger) can join their parents in running class game booths. Please be sure you are signing up for the appropriate slot. For new families, descriptions of the jobs are included in the sign ups and also below. Fun Fair Veterans will be in each area to guide volunteers on the day of the fair.

Areas marked with * are open to Adult Volunteers and areas marked + are open to Middle/High School Volunteers.

Book Sale *

Cake Room *+

Cake Dance *+

Clean Up *+

Cougar Gear *
Class Game Booth SignUps*+      

Face Painting *+

Glitter Tattoos *+

Photo Booth *+

Pocket Lady *

Fifth Grade Cafe Staffing *

Pretzels & Slush +

Prize Room *+

Raffle Table *+

Set Up *+

Ticket Sales *

Cake Donations

Cafe Food Donations: Kindergarten   1st Grade   2nd Grade   2/3 Multiage   3rd Grade   4th Grade   5th Grade 

Baked Goods Donations

Book Sale: Sell and tidy used books at the Used Book Sale. Located in Mrs. Pirrello’s Room.

Cake Room: Receive donated cakes that families deliver throughout the day and distribute cakes to Cake Dance winners. Located in art room.

Cake Dance: Manage the line and take tickets for the Cake Dance (like musical chairs to win cakes). Located in Gym.

Class Game Booths: Each class runs a carnival style game. Take tickets and help kids play the games. Located in Gym. Elementary kids (or younger) can help parents.

Clean Up: Disassemble games and return them to storage.  Return tables to classrooms. Meet in gym.

Cougar Gear: Sell Cougar Gear merchandise. Located in the Cafeteria.

Face Painting: Bring your creativity to paint faces.  All materials provided and sheets with image ideas are provided. Located in music room.

Fifth Grade Cafe Staffing: Fifth graders will wait on tables.  A parent is required to volunteer in order for your child to participate.  However, you are not required to work the same shift as your child.  Please be sure to log in 2 times (once to register your child and once to register you/parent).

Glitter Tattoos: Apply glitter tattoos.  All materials provided. Located in music room.

Photo Booth: Take tickets and manage the line at the photo booth. Located in Gym.

Pocket Lady: Walk throughout Fun Fair wearing pocket apron with small prizes, take tickets and coins for prizes.

Pretzels & Slush:  Sell pretzels and scoop slush. Located in hall by back stairwell to Gym.

Prize Room: Collect coins and distribute prizes. Located in Mrs. Keimach’s Room.

Raffle Table: Sell Raffle tickets. Located in Gym.

Set Up: Help take games from storage and move tables throughout the school. Meet in Cottage Gym.

Ticket Sales: Sell tickets for games. Located in Gym and in hallway outside of Gym.

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