Cottage Street School PTO (CSS PTO) is a collaborative group made up of parents, teachers and staff who work to support curriculum, build community and raise funds to enhance student learning at Cottage.  You can read about all we do in more detail here.

We hope all families will join the Cottage Street School PTO and support our programs for students and teachers. This year membership is $30. Also your donations go directly to supporting our teachers and bringing programming to our classrooms.  Please consider making a donation to support our work by selecting the yellow donate button on the right of this page.

To join, please visit here and click Membership 2021-2022. Our directory will be online again this year and available to PTO members. We encourage all families to sign into Membership Toolkit using the email they gave the school to update their information and publishing preferences.

5 thoughts on “Membership”

  • Hello CSS PTO Web Master!

    You have done a fabulous job with the online directory and membership. So convenient and easy to follow. I love it. In spirit of providing a feedback that could help improve the online form even more I would like to give a minor suggestion. If one has two children at the school and each child has a different last name (what will be the case in my family, few years down the line) I would not know how to fill out the form. Please do not take this as criticism, I just thought I will help as I know you are simply volunteering your time to help this amazing community. Thank you for all you are doing.

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